Delta Strikes Down Cyclist Who Uses Powers for Good

As a cyclist who uses my powers mostly for self-interest, I’m always happy to hear about those who use their abilities for good.

Like the guy from Tri and Give a Dam (BTW: amazing name). This guy races all around the country to raise money for clean water in Kenya. Good guy, right? I just use my bike to humiliate Northeastern students, and get to work on time.

Anyway, Delta airlines fucked up his bike. See video:

If you want to know more, you can check out this article in the Consumerist. Personally, I’m never going to fly Delta. They charged him $200 to fly with his bike, and a) won’t reimburse him for his bike and b) won’t even refund him the $200.

I have always wanted to bring a bike on the plane with me, so I can bike around my destination, but I’ve never done it. Basically because I know that airlines don’t care about bikes, and shit like this will eventually happen. Plus it’s fucking expensive. Has anyone brought a bike on a plane?